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Sub-sampling methods

LL-channel sampling
(Source: Nakagawa et al. (2012))

Various novel methodological techniques have been developed as part of the "Suigetsu Varves 2006" project, which may be applied to other sediment cores.

A Powerpoint schematic of the 'LL-channel' ('double-L', or 'Nakagawa channel') sediment sub-sampling technique (described in Nakagawa (2007) and Nakagawa et al. (2012)) can be viewed at:

and a video of the LL-channel sub-sampling in action can be viewed at:

A Powerpoint explanation of the need for 'Centi-slicer' sediment sub-sampling (applied for pollen, diatom, and biomarker analysis in the "Suigetsu Varves 2006" project), which is especially necessary for sub-sampling of laminated sediment, can be viewed at:

and video clips of the Centi-slicer in action can be viewed at:

An even higher resolution sub-sampling method, the 'Milli-slicer', was developed for millimetre sub-sampling. Video clips of the Milli-slicer in action can be viewed at: